About Marble Renewal

Marble Renewal UAE LLC was co-founded by the late ‘Mr. Graham Alban’ a natural stone care specialist and ‘Mr. Ayoub Asfour’ a financial consultant.

The company is now a family run business by the ‘Asfour’ family.

Working in the UAE and discovering the lack of professional companies that can actually treat and maintain natural stone, Mr. Graham Alban along with Mr. Ayoub Asfour formed Marble Renewal UAE LLC in 1998, a local franchise office of Marble Renewal –the largest & most professional stone maintenance company in USA & Canada.

Marble Renewal UAE LLC with over 25 (Twenty Five) years of experience serving the United Arab Emirates already holds a reputation throughout the market (and indeed the region) as being the leading natural stone care specialist. We are providing the latest, most advanced and highest quality restoration, preventative care and maintenance services. We also offer innovative products, recommendations and practical advice to our customers.

With the knowledge and experiences acquired over the years, we have developed custom products, processes and techniques that can deliver outstanding results and produce long lasting surfaces. We use special techniques to process and polish all types of stones and use our own bespoke range of chemicals, cleaners and polishes which are not available commercially. Single-disc and heavy-duty rotary machines are used for the restoration process and diamond abrasives are used to remove lippage and smooth uneven areas. Once the floor is polished, a “penetrating sealer” is applied which will protect the stone, allows it to still breath but will not change the natural appearance. It also adds slip-resistance to the surface. Our high quality restoration and maintenance services can get your surfaces restored to a like-new factory-finish saving up to 80% of possible replacement costs. In addition to ensuring your surfaces always look their best, we are equally dedicated to improving their safety wherever possible.

We keep our customers well informed about every stage of the process regardless of whether we’re performing a complete restoration or focusing strictly on specifics like cleaning or patching. Keeping this in mind, we carefully evaluate your needs at the onset of a project and tailor a solution that is just right for you and your requirements. We strive to work with you and establish a long-term relationship that will continue well into the future even after a project has been completed as this is our goal.

Marble Renewal UAE LLC is currently active in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah with periodic works in the other Northern Emirates. We also  serve other Marble Renewal companies in the  Middle East, Asia and Australia through products, technological and manpower assistance.

About Our Crews

Our crews are simply unrivaled in this industry in terms of their dedication, knowledge and experience. Each one of our crews consists of master craftsmen in the restoration, maintenance and total care of all types of natural stone and hard surfaces. The motto of each crew is to simply “get it right the first time” hence, each crew member must acquire a proper amount of knowledge and experience.

At Marble Renewal UAE LLC this means that each crew member must undergo a mentoring program with a senior technician to become fully knowledgeable about all types of natural stone and hard surfaces including: marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo, travertine, tile, concrete, polyagglomerate and many others. In addition, each crew must complete a rigorous training program that combines education with experience in the field that may take two full years to complete.

Because we have one of the largest numbers of experienced crews in the industry, Marble Renewal UAE LLC can successfully accommodate a large and growing number of client requests all at the same time. We can quickly respond, diagnose and troubleshoot problems in the residential, commercial or industrial market place. Our technical support teams are always available to provide assistance and ensures that every problem is resolved with utmost attention to detail.

Focus on Quality

Solving problems with natural stone or other hard surfaces—whether it’s patching, cleaning or performing a complete restoration—translates into tangible cost savings, something that every company in every industry wants to achieve.

At Marble Renewal UAE LLC, we fully understand this concept hence, we want to help you attain this goal. We know that with high quality restoration and maintenance services, you can get your surfaces restored to a like-new, factory-finish while saving up to 80% of possible replacement costs—if the solution is a high quality one that is implemented properly to ensure it lasts long into the future.

This is where we excel. We are completely dedicated to providing you, the customer, with services of the highest possible quality. To this end, we use proprietary products, services and techniques that are tried, tested and proven. And in addition to ensuring your surfaces always look their best, we are equally dedicated to improving their safety wherever possible. That’s why one of our main focuses is on slip safety, ensuring natural stone surfaces become as safe as possible to minimize falls and injuries that could lead to extremely expensive litigation suits.

Simply stated, we believe that by focusing on providing you with unmatched quality in everything we do, we will be able to meet and even exceed your expectations.

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