Since 1998 Marble Renewal UAE LLC offers a dedicated service to restoring and maintaining natural stone and hard surface for UAE’s Hotels, Residential and Commercial Properties.



Marble Renewal UAE LLC was co-founded by the late ‘Mr. Graham Alban’ a natural stone care specialist and ‘Mr. Ayoub Asfour’ a financial consultant. The company is now a family run business by the ‘Asfour’ family.

Working in the UAE and discovering the lack of professional companies that can actually treat and maintain natural stone surfaces, Mr. Graham Alban along with Mr. Ayoub Asfour formed Marble Renewal UAE LLC in 1998.


Cutting edge restoration techniques, tailored services and high quality workmanship. “Stone should be enjoyed and not blamed when things go wrong because problems are typically deeper than the surface where they are expressed”. The maintenance of floors should be carried out by professionals in a professional manner.

25Years of Experience
4000+Happy Clients
4000+Completed Projects



We Specialize in

Marble, Granite, Limestone, Terrazzo, Travertine,Tile, All Type of Stone Floors, Others.

We Perform

Stone Restoration, Stone Maintenance, Stone Patching, Grout Cleaning & Restoration, Stripping & Polishing, Honing Sealing, Specialty Stone Cleaning, Slip Safety.

We Service

Floors, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Table Tops, Vanity Tops, Stairs, Exterior.

Types of Surfaces

Polished, Honed, Flamed, Textured, Sealed, Others

Our Products

Sampling of our scientifically developed products.

BVP (Cleans, Protects & Shines)

A Bar & Vanity Polish that is designed for use on bar & vanity tops, and other non-floor stone surface….

CPR (Cleaner, Protectant & Restorer)

A PH neutral cleaner, specifically designed for use on all natural stone surfaces including polished…


A high grade silicone molecule subsurface sealer that completely permeates the pores of the surface…


An intensive cleaner that is an extra strength degreaser, cleaner and grout film remover that…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I best care for stone surfaces?

Sand/dirt/grit does the most damage to natural stone surfaces due to their abrasiveness. Therefore extensive entrance matting is extremely important to keep grit from coming onto the stone surface. Homes have the advantage of low traffic and the ability to leave shoes at the door. The stone surface should be dust mopped/vacuumed regularly, as removing grit from the floor will keep scratching to a minimum. Prompt spot cleaning of (organic and acid based) spills will minimize or eliminate stains and etches. When mopping no longer removes surface dirt from the stone, light damp mopping will be required with clean water, clean mop, and a moderate amount of a neutral PH cleaning agent.

Q: Why is a natural polish better for your floor
rather than coating it?

Since there are currently no coatings available for stone that are harder than the stone itself, coatings will scuff and mark much more readily than stone itself. Coatings are soft and will attract dirt faster than a natural polish. Removing the dust and debris from the coated surface is much more difficult than from natural polished surface. The coating seals the stone not allowing it to breath, which can cause the stone to spall. Coatings also will build up on the surface producing a plastic-like appearance that is subject to yellowing from entrapped dirt and ultraviolet rays. The removal of coatings by harsh strippers can also damage the stone.

Q: Many stone contractors talk about sealers.
What actually is the “sealing”?

Sealers in the stone industry are called impregnators because they impregnate the interior of the stone with finely engineered silicones and resins that go through the pores of the surface. Stone sealers do to stone what exterior wood sealer do to wood. They protect the interior of the material.